COVID-19 Protocol:

To ensure the health and safety of all students and staff, MCG will be adhering to strict health and safety protocols as advised by the CDC. All students and staff will be required to be masked, physically distanced, observe regular hand washing and sanitation, and follow arrival/dismissal procedures. All participants in MCG's programming will be required to sign and adhere to our Student Health Agreement.

We are excited to welcome our students back on-site at MCG. All classes will be held in-person.

We can't wait to see everyone in the studios again!

Winter 2022 Session

MCG Youth and Arts admits students of any race, sex, national origin, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

MCG Youth and Arts has been dedicated to inspiring creativity, learning, and personal growth through the arts for over 50 years.


By providing opportunities to hone their creative skills alongside teaching artists, we are focused on developing personal, artistic, future-ready, and civically minded high school students.

We are committed to creating a community that fosters a sense of belonging, interconnectedness, and hope.


Apprenticeship Training Program(ATP) enrollment will be held exclusively via our website.

  • Enrollment is from December 14-16.

  • Spaces fill quickly, so sign-up early!

  • Courses are offered at no cost to PPS students.

  • Admission is first-come, first-served basis.

  • Waitlists will be maintained.


There will be a van or bus at most PPS high schools going to MCG Youth & Arts.

For all other students, transit tickets will be provided or MCG staff will arrange for pick-up.

Public transit tickets will be provided to get home.

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2021 Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, a program of Manchester Bidwell Corporation

1815 Metropolitan Street Pittsburgh, PA 15233


Contact- Claira Heitzenrater

Phone- 412-322-1773 Ext. 187

Fax- 412-321-2120

"This is Me" is MCG Youth & Arts' theme for the 2021-2022 ATP programming. This year we'll be celebrating and exploring the unique stories, points of view, and voices of our students. Courses that are marked with a  a will be centered around this theme.

Course Guide

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Photoshop and Beyond 
On Fleak a
Tuesdays, January 4 - March 1
(8 Contact Times; No Class January 25)
Tuesdays, Jan 4- March 1
(8 Contact Times; No Class January 25)
Graphic Clay a
Tuesdays, January 4-  March 1
(8 Contact Times;  No Class January 25)
Painting From Real Life
Tuesdays, January 4th - March 1st
(8 Contact Times; No Class January 25)
Teaching Artist: Raquel Kueffner
Teaching Artist: TBD

In this course you'll learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop, the world's most popular digital imaging application, and get acquainted with some of the other software in the Adobe Creative Suite. Create graphics for print, web, and more as you build a solid foundation in digital arts. Showcase your art as a poster, a button, and more!

Teaching Artist: Germaine Watkins

Oh yeah, take your best shot! In this course students will learn the operations of the portrait studio. Students will explore their personalities using 4x5, 35mm and digital photography. Students from all levels of photo knowledge are welcome to make some On Fleak portraits!

Teaching Artist: Bryce Hemington

Jump on in- we are going down the rabbit hole to learn several simple techniques to get rich imagery onto the surface of clay! Learn how to do sgraffito, simple stencils, and monotype image transfers. With these processes in mind, we will incorporate images that are both important to you and build complex ceramic tiles! Once you have mastered these techniques, choose to make one-off tiles or build a small mosaic!

This class will focus on the technical painting skills needed to make realistic depictions of still lives, figures, and landscapes. We will learn how to mix acrylic paints to color match and create value. This class will include a field trip to the greenhouse where we will experiment with watercolors. In this class you will grow your skills whether you are a beginning painter or experienced in the medium.

Illustrating Your Story a
Wednesdays, January 5 - March 2 
(9 Contact Times)
Competition Clay
Darkroom Mania
Wednesdays, January 5th - March 2
(9 Contact Times)
Wednesdays, Jan. 5 - March 2 
(9 Contact Times)
Teaching Artist: Bryce Hemington
Anime Appreciation
Wednesdays, January 5- March 2
(9 Contact Times)
Teaching Artist: TBD
Teaching Artist: Germaine Watkins

Take the time to print your negatives in a traditional and non-traditional way.  We’ll take a couple field trips, but the majority of the class will be in the darkroom printing 5x7, printing 8x10, printing 11x14, selective printing and tone printing.  Students with all levels of photography knowledge are welcome.

We are bringing back the throwing game board in this wheel-focused challenge class. Progress along our game board with throwing challenges designed to increase your chops on the pottery wheel. Start small, earn your way up the throwing ladder as each new challenge gets your closer to the goal of being a master on the potter’s wheel! Get prizes and compete to see who the first MCG Clay Master will be!

Teaching Artist: Raquel Kueffner

Printmaking has often been used to create advertisements, explain science, and illustrate narratives. In this class you will learn intaglio and relief printing techniques to create illustrations of your very own story. We will end the class with a silkscreen poster advertising your story as a play.

Sewing and Fashion Design
Thursdays, January 6- March 3
(9 Contact Times)
Teaching Artist: Raquel Kueffner

Learn how to take your drawings from the sketchpad to the digital realm using Adobe Photoshop. If you're not the drawing type, you can still create awesome anime-themed projects like posters, buttons, keychains, and more. Interested in laser engraving? 3-D printing? Wacom digital illustration tablets? We've got those, too.

Pottery 101
Escape Pgh+
Thursdays, January 6 - March 3
(9 Contact Times)
Thursdays, January 6 - March 3
(9 Contact Times)
Teaching Artist: Bryce Hemington

In this class we will cover basic to intermediate sewing techniques.  We will practice figure drawings while learning to elongate the figure for fashion illustration.  We will pay particular attention to drawing fabric and we will then create a design which we will spend the remainder of the class constructing. 

Laser Cut Wearables a
Teaching Artist: Germaine Watkins

So, what if it’s cold outside!  Come join the winter fun taking pictures of the glorious outdoors.  This digital photography course is all about getting out taking pictures.  A heavy emphasis will be on landscape and architectural photography with lots of field trips during regular class and some Saturday trips.  Potential trips include Fallingwater, Kentuck Knob, Polymath Park, Ohiopyle, McConnells Mill, Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame and Bayernhof Museum.  This class is geared towards students with more advanced photography skills.

Relax and take a tour of clay in this hand building and wheel throwing class. We are going to be stopping at all the sights along the way from pinch and coil pots to the slab roller and pottery wheel. This class is a sampler platter of bite-sized lessons. Great for those who want to get their hands dirty but don’t really know what the world of clay has to offer.

Thursdays, January 6- March 3
(9 Contact Times)
Teaching Artist: TBD

You've probably seen examples of cool laser-cut jewelery, especially earrings and medallions. But did you know you can create your own here at MCG? In this class you'll learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator, an award-winning graphic design program, as well as how to operate a laser engraver. And if your mind is already thinking "entrepreneurship" then you've come to the right place, because we'll talk about that too.